Festival Map



The photo at left is an areal view of the square. The Festival will be in the left, right and far side of the square with vendor booths, wineries, food trucks and music venues. 

How to get there

Due to the lack of parking spaces in downtown Glen Rose, we have selected Glen rose High School as the central parking facility. There will be a FREE shuttle service from the high school parking lot to the Festival and will run about every 20 minutes. 

Kids Area

The children;'s area is not he North East side of the Square and there will be signs directing you there.

Wine Purchases Pickup

If you purchase wine on the Square, yo will receive  a voucher which you then can take to a designated location on the Square to pick up your purchases on the way home.

Who to Ask?

All volunteers and Staff will be wearing  yellow t-shirts indicating Volunteer or Staff. Feel free to ask any of them for assistance.